Understand that you can’t play strategically

Casinos love you distracted. They want you to be distracted because that’s exactly what makes them money. The more you’re looking at the flashy graphics, the more the catchy tunes are getting stuck in your head, the more you’re willing to bet even though you’re clearly losing money. The games that get the most promotion like that are often the ones that make the casino the most money and cost you the most as well.

So don’t get distracted. Focus. Focus on the games that actually pay out the most instead of the ones that have the most colorful headers or the most ads all over the online casino’s website.

Understand that you can’t play strategically

  1. Playing slots UK is fairly easy.
  2. You push a button, you watch how the symbols line up and either win or lose money.
  3. Many still like to think they can somehow strategy their way through this. The tough truth is- they can’t. Because no one can. Because slot machines online operate on Random Number Generators which, as the name suggests, means that they are truly random.
  4. Everyone has exactly the same likelihood of winning and losing. So, ironically, to win you have to understand, and to truly accept, that you can’t play online slots UK strategically. What happens, happens.
  5. The symbols that line up are completely random. It’s a game of chance.

What you can do is check the frequency of the online casino actually playing out. If it’s high, that means you’re more likely to win. If it’s low, that means you’re more likely to lose (and the casino is more likely to win.)

Take advantage of different bonuses

Online casinos are in an incredibly competitive business. They want you as their client and not their competitor’s client. UK slots players are incredibly wanted and valuable these days. That means they’re likely to offer a lot of different bonuses. The most common of these bonuses, the first one that comes to mind, is probably the first deposit bonus. It varies from online casino to online casino but most every online casino offers them these days. If an online casino is not offering this bonus you should ask yourself why that is. You should definitely take advantage of this starting out bonus and look for a high bonus. However, there are also many other bonuses you could start taking advantage of.

Many online casinos offer loyalty bonuses for players that have stuck around for a long time. This is their way of saying they value you as a client and don’t want you to leave their platform for a competitor’s. You can definitely cash in on such bonuses if you stay at one casino for long enough.

You should always check an online casino for the variety of different bonuses it offers before signing up. The more, the merrier. Everyone likes free money. Some online casinos also offer free spins on slot machines which is great if you’re just starting out and want to get a feel for it or even just would like a few free spins.

Go small or go home?

  1. Even though it seems unlikely, you don’t always have to go with the maximum bets.
  2. On the contrary, you can, in fact, win more by picking games with the smallest jackpots instead. You see, the smaller the jackpot, the larger your chance of actually winning it because it costs the casino the least amount of money and it’s less guarded.
  3. If you play a lot of online slots and go for the smaller jackpots, you can gather quite a fortune, meanwhile people playing for the biggest jackpots ironically end up losing way more money and often their sense of control and sensibility with it.

So don’t believe them when they say go big or go home. Sometimes betting smaller amounts wins you way more in the long run, keeping both you and your bankroll happy. Plus, you get to play more. Who doesn’t want that? Slots are fun.

Paylines, paylines, paylines!

This is not the most fun topic when it comes to playing online slots UK. In fact, it might as well be the least fun aspect of it all. Despite that, it is still vital that you keep yourself aware about paylines. They’re tempting to ignore but it’s a grave mistake to do so. So, when it comes to paylines, Paylines are all that matters when it comes to playing online slots UK.

Do not play all the paylines. This is the easiest, most common mistake you can make while playing slots online and it’s so simple to avoid. Just don’t do it.

Manage your bankroll

Just set a budget for yourself when playing and don’t spend more than that. It’s great discipline for yourself as a gambler and an easy way to keep yourself safe while playing at online casinos. If you get too carried away you’re going to lose money in the long-term because online casinos are designed to always bring in profit in the long term.

You can’t cheat

When you’re playing online slots UK you have to consider the fact that online gambling is a very monitored business- by the government to keep you safe and by the casinos to make sure they’re making profit and not losing money. This means that the games are extremely inspected and no, you cannot cheat at online slots UK.


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