How To Win Casino Slots

In slot machines there is not one 100% tactic to win casino slots as the tactic is the most contradictory point about that. But, cause the slots game won more popularity, the interest in making the universal cure for all the slot machine games gamers increased and thus with much practice some of the tactics appeared. Before playing at slots games, all gamblers must keep in mind that the online casino site always has an advantage in slots, so no method can help gamblers bring the house down. Everything the tactic might do is increase your chances to win casino slots.

There can be various tactics that may be applied for both online and regular gambling room games. The basic idea of the methods is that they let players to wager more once winning and to bet less once losing.

Naked Pulls

This tactic is based on that when the slot machine you are gambling at does not win in 10 spins, it is considered as a cold machine and the player is to stop and change the machine.

Loss Limits

They stand for the piece of gamblers bankroll he can lose. It is recommended not to fall below the 60% limit of the overall money and to quit when player lost it.

3-coin slot machine tactics

In the three reel slot machines, it is always better to wager maximum to win casino slots jackpot in its maximum amount. But, there are such tactics which suggest you to wager maximum when winning and to wager less if losing. One more tactic for the machines suggests dividing the money into sessions to play each part on another machine. This strategy is called the Chicken strategy. The next one that is called the squirrels tactic suggests to gamble according to the Chicken tactic and if you begin winning, stick to the winning machine and continue gambling on it. This tactic provides you larger wins.

5-coin slot machines

To bet on slot machines with a maximum of 5 coins need special methods, that are like the 3 coin tactics. The Umbrella strategy is good for long time gamers because it gives income in the long run. The objective of the strategy is to start small and increase the bet in some time to the maximum and after to lower the bet gradually to the minimum. The Baby steps tactic advises to wager in a series of wagers beginning from 1 or 2 of the lowest ones and go on till you wager once or twice the max bet.

Nonetheless, prior to using these strategies it is wise to bear in mind that they are not a 100% winning tactics as they are all created on a belief that there is such a fact as the cold and hot slot machine.


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