Black Maria is the most popular card games played in casinos

Black Maria is a version of Hearts famous in the Canada. It is also famous with the name like “Slippery Bitch”, “Dirty Lady”, “Black Widow”, and much bad. Black Maria is basically a trick taking game play where the goal is to ignore winning tricks Queen or the Hearts of Spades in them. Also, there are no reserved partnerships in this card games played in casinos. Every gamer is free to play for himself/herself. Black Maria is particularly suited to 3-players, although 4 or any other number of gamers equal to 7 performs quite well.

The Cards


For ignoring winning tricks along with any Hearts card in them, as well as to ignoring victory of the trick having the Queen-of-Spades. Every heart counts as one point next to its winners, plus the Queen-of-Spades count for overall 13 points.

The Deal

The deal-and-play in this card casino games is clockwise, plus the deal moves to the left side.


In the last part of the game, every gamer reckon their cards, getting one penalty-point for every Heart, plus 13-penalty points for the Queens-of-Spades. Game keeps going until a gamer arrives a sum of 50-points, and at which time, the gamer with the least sum is announced the winner.


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